The Importance of Brand Identity

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Establishing a strong brand identity is a timeless marketing necessity. In fact, it’s so timeless that this blog post from 2014 still rings true for the many marketers who stumble upon and continue to read it today. An oldie but a goodie, we think our 2016 audience will find value in our 2014 advice.

Fathom recently created and released the 2014 edition of the Fathom Brand Guide – an 80-page document that functions as a toolbox for individuals throughout the organization to utilize and maintain a strong and effective brand image.

Why is it so imperative to establish and define a brand image?

First, you must understand that a brand is a promise. A brand is an asset.

When defining and creating a brand for your business, it’s important to understand who you are as an organization, and how you want to be perceived in the market. A brand affects what your audience, clients and prospects believe about you from a visual perspective. Think about it as a “visual first impression.”

When establishing a brand identity, the practice of personifying your company is an incredibly useful exercise. Accompanied with intricate audience persona research and development, mapping out your core values, mission statement and differentiators will guide you as you map out your company’s exterior-facing identity.

At Fathom, we’ve established our brand as a unique mix of optimism, trust, balance, dependability, confidence, leadership and strength. It portrays an environment of expertise and professionalism that our customers will experience, should they invest in Fathom and its people.

A strong and compelling brand is essential. It is not a mental exercise or a marketing campaign. It is a vital component of your organization, and its strength and clarity directly impact your success in fulfilling your company’s mission.

But how do you build a brand?

Repetition. Brand value emerges as all messengers tell your story consistently. When an effective message is presented in a disciplined, passionate and consistent way, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Building a strong brand requires discipline. The key component of a unified image is unified behavior.

A brand is your most valuable asset. Used correctly, it is the simplest way to communicate to your customers and audience that trusted experts are enhancing their business with the latest advances in your company’s area of expertise.

The collection of these thoughts and ideas, the brand guide, is the inclusion of a simple, clear and focused articulation of the company as it is to be portrayed both visually and personally. It can directly influence the mood of your audience, and – more importantly – those within your organization. A strong brand can build confidence, optimism and respect from those who support it the most.

Article by Steve Kozak