April 15, 2021

4 Tips for a Successful Website

From design to navigation we discuss the main factors that will influence the success of your website. Our top 4 tips for a winning website include how to use your homepage, setting out the site navigation, using professional content and most importantly, appearing in relevant search results.

  1. Strategically Plan Your Homepage Content 

Your homepage is your most important page, it is most often the entry point of your website and visitors will only spend about 5 seconds deciding if they want to stay on your website. As such it is important to set the visitors on an engaging journey and encourage them to explore your website further. 

Don’t try and fit too much information into the homepage, you will have other pages to expand upon your brand and services so don’t try and tell visitors everything on the one page. Try to provide relevant and engaging content that will leave visitors wanting to know more. 

  • Simplify Navigation

Considering the journey throughout the rest of the website after the homepage, navigation needs to be simple. Rationalise your products or services into a few broad options so that visitors can easily identify the next steps and click through to further information that is relevant. 

Simplified navigation throughout a website will ensure visitors are not overwhelmed by multiple click through options, less is more! Taking the time to simplify your website will create a better user experience especially on mobile and will increase the chances of conversion.

  • Use Professional Images, Video and Copy

A graphic designer will know how to create branding for your website correctly and ensure your key messages are visually communicated. Pre-designed templates with stock images will not speak to your brand personality. Have professional photos taken and use an experienced graphic designed to create website images that meet your individual requirements. 

Quality and customised content are vital to your online success, craft your own copy that is concise and engaging. A copywriter can help you identify your target audiences and how best to speak to them. Similarly, video is great for websites but make sure that your key messages are relevant to your audience in order to capture their attention.  

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

Most importantly, it is important that your website will appear in relevant search results and ideally be on page one. Make sure that you address key SEO ranking factors into your website and spend time researching keywords that will be most relevant for your industry. 

Your website content should relate to a targeted set of keywords, this will enable you to answer users queries and make it clear to search engines what works to rank your website for. A proactive SEO strategy will ensure that your website is functioning well for both search engines and users. Always make SEO part of your ongoing marketing plan and dedicate time and resources to it to ensure your website is keeping ahead of the competition.

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