What is SEO?

SEO is ‘Search Engine Optimisation” the key to your search engine success.

Rankings, keywords, Meta tags, title tags, offsite, onsite factoring, content management, page links, hyperlinks, blogs, responsive…… Confusing right?

Basically SEO is based on a multitude of tools and formulas to encourage search engines to pick up on carefully selected keywords and phrases used throughout the back end and front end of your website, to push your ranking up the list of sites such as google or bing.

Content is a huge part of your push to get up the ranks of search engines, these keyword are the words your customer will type into the search engine to get access to a list of companies that provide the service or items the customer is looking for. For instance, we being a Graphic Design, Website and Print company based on the Mornington Peninsula would expect our potential customers to type in words like: Mornington Peninsula Graphic Design or Mornington Peninsula Website or Print Services Mornington Peninsula etc etc. So providing we utlise these keywords throughout out website then potentially our site will rank.

However, it isn’t as simple as that…. Search engines respond to activity on and off your website using other factors such as links. For instance, Social Media is a huge ticket for website linkingĀ (Click here to read more about Social media). Advertising your website on social media creates traffic to you website and the more traffic you get the more alive your site becomes, which contributes to your ranking.

Turning the switch on, if you have a website that has no activity then you will be left in the dark and continue to drop down the rankings list. You must keep your site active on a regular basis. Add content, link your social media activity, join directories etc etc.

Not sure where to start?

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