January 10, 2019

The Art of Rebranding

Does your logo design still speak to your business values?

Or has your business expanded and now needs a logo that reflects your new products or services?
Either way rebranding may be the next step needed to take your business to the next level!

While rebranding is a huge undertaking it also marks a fresh phase in the life of your business. Creating a new logo and visual branding elements can be a great opportunity to re-engage your audience and also attract new customers!

Why Rebrand?
When a business starts out, often it is a rush to get a logo and branded collateral together quickly so you can ‘just get something out there’. As your business grows and develops the branding may no longer have the right feel.

A rebrand may also be the right decision if your company’s vision has changed, you want to target different audiences or even if you need to improve your brand reputation.

Evolve Your Logo Design
Great logos are instantly recognisable and leave a lasting impression. The aim is to stand out from your competitors with a unique and memorable logo design that will be the face of your business identity.
When changing your current logo design for a rebrand some elements may remain unchanged, but it still is important for the logo to evolve over time in order to remain relevant and contemporary, particularly if you are in a highly competitive market.

Adworks Creative can help you to create your new branding strategy! We provide logo design services as well as full graphic design services along with marketing strategy and implementation.

If you are interested in our logo design services, or have any other graphic design requirements contact us and let’s see how we can work together on your rebrand!

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